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Different Types Of House Plans

unduhan (15)Are you planning on constructing a house? There are many plans that you can use. Some of the best ones include:

Cranberry Plan

The plan is characterized by a house that is rectangular in shape and comes with an added porch. There is also a center chimney and a front door that is placed at the center of the house. The roof is a steep pitch and the windows are double hung.

The plan is also called a one-and-a-half floor plan because the interior rooms of the second floor are box-like. The attic makes the house have a square shape. The unique thing with the plan is that the ceiling height of the first and second floor is 71/2 feet.

Hearth Plan

It's almost similar to the cranberry plan, but with a few modifications. The modifications include:

Larger, more modern picture window with traditional panes

An overhand multi-level roof that is similar to a western bungalow

A built-in flower box that is mainly made for ornamental purposes

An elevated roof that has an American bungalow design. This makes it possible for you to expand the second-floor.

Full Pleasure Plan

Although, it's an early American


The Many Varieties of House Plans and Architectural Style

unduhan (14)Just as the English that is spoken in America is full of expressions that have been borrowed from a variety of languages, the type of residential architecture in America also borrows styles that were originated around the world. Some of them were first seen right here in the States though and they include ranch style homes and the Cape Cod style. America is known as a melting pot and the house plans and architectural styles that are seen here are a great example of that.

In order to find the ideal house plans for you and your family, here is a quick glance at some of the most popular architectural styles.

Cape Cod

This is a style that was developed for the harsh winters that New England is known for. This style originated in the 17th century although you can find more modern version of it all over. Characteristics of this style include steep roofs that allow for easier removal of snow, a central fireplace and a single story design. Now, many modern touches include things like garages in the rear and dormer windows.


The Colonial style


What You Should Think About When Choosing House Plans

unduhan (13)Even the best laid plans can go awry. This happens in all things in life and many times the reason is because the plan wasn't well thought out. One of the most important parts of building a home is choosing the house plans. These plans will have all of the various information that is needed for the builders to make your fantasy house into a reality. Here are some of the more important things to think about before you choose your final plans.

What is Your Lifestyle Like? If you are a family with children or who plan to have children then your needs will be significantly different from a family with no children. This is only a single aspect of how lifestyle can have an effect on the type of house you choose. There are a few other critical things to consider to:

  • Habits - Do you spend more of your time in the kitchen or would a home office or even a den be your place to chill in?
  • Family -How many children do you currently have or plan to have? Do you need
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The Procedure of Getting House Plans by an Architect

Architects are of great importance when you are planning of constructing a house. A professional architect can wear many hats depending on the project. For example, if you are handling a small project, the professional can manage all the activities involved. For example, he can create the design, select the materials that will be used on the project and supervise the entire construction process.

If the project is large, the professional will only draft a blueprint. If you can find blueprints that are similar to the house that you are planning of constructing, you should hire an architect to make the necessary alterations.

Procedure of Getting House Plans

You need to start sitting down with your architect and discuss the type and design of the house that you are interested in. To understand your needs the architect will need to know a number of things such as:

  • Where you want your family to watch television
  • How the dining room is of importance to you
  • Whether you like hosting parties
  • Whether you spend a lot of time in the bedroom
  • Whether you would like to have a specific area for your computer

After the professional has understood your needs, he will draw a plan of your house and take it


Advantages Of East Facing House Plans

Are you planning of constructing a house? While there are many house plans that you can go with, not all of them are ideal for you. One of the best plans that you should consider is the east facing plan.

Benefits Of East Facing House Plan

There are a number of benefits that come with an east facing plan. Some of the benefits include:

Sunlight: since the sun rises from the east, it means that your house will be receiving a lot of sunlight during the early morning. This will reduce your energy bills as you don't have to leave the lights on if you wake up early.

Health: researchers have shown that the morning sun is always the best. Since your house will be facing east, you will be getting the most from the beneficial morning sun.

Tips To Consider When Designing An East Facing House Plan

For you to design a perfect east facing house you need to put a number of tips into consideration:

Plenty of space on the east: as an architect you need to leave enough space in the east. This is the space that the people in the house will be using to bask during the early morning.

Short east compound wall:

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Advantages Of North Facing House Plans

North facing houses are ideal for all members of the family. Researchers have found that magnetic forces of the earth are usually generated from the North Pole; therefore, if your house faces north, your house will receive a lot of positive vibes through the entrance door that faces north.

There's a belief that north represents water elements and since water resembles wealth, there's a belief that if your house faces north you will enjoy more wealth and prosperity. According to the Hindu culture, Kuber (god of prosperity) resides in the north; therefore, if your house faces north you have high chances of prospering in life. There are also high chances that your business will prosper when your business premises face north.

Features Of North Facing Houses

These houses tend to have sun almost throughout the day which means that you don't need to leave the lights on. This saves you a lot of money that you'd have spent on your energy bills.

When you are designing the house you should ensure that there are no obstructions that will prevent the house from receiving the right amount of sun. This means that you need to get rid of trees, land and anything else that might


Advantages Of West Facing House Plans

West facing house plans are ideal for people who like enjoying the setting sun. If you are wondering what a west facing house is, this is a house that is located on a plot with a road on the west side. One of the main advantages of the design is that it allows you to enjoy the warm evening sun. It's believed that houses that face west bring more wealth and prosperity and the owners of these houses don't have enemies.

In addition to people living in west facing houses being prosperous in life, they are also said to be extroverts and are loved by many people. They also make friends easily which helps them in their businesses and careers.

How to Design a West Facing House

As an architect you need to consider a number of factors when designing a west facing house. For ideal results you should avoid planning the house to be built on a T-shaped plot. This is because a house constructed on such a plot doesn't look elegant. According to Vastu, a house built on a T-shaped plot diverts the positive energy in the house causing conflict in couples.

For the owner of the house to enjoy the benefits


How To Select The Best Architect For Your House Project

An architect is a professional who is of great importance when you are constructing a house. Due to the importance of the professional, you should be very careful when hiring one. There are many ways in which you can select the right professional. Some of the best ways of doing the selection include:

Direct Selection

This is the type of selection that you should use when you are looking for a professional to undertake a small project. Here you need to find a professional with a good reputation. To find the right person you need to contact your friends and ask them to recommend the right person to you.

Comparative Selection

This is the most common method of selecting an architect. The method is very common in various levels of government, school boards, and even in a number of private institutions. Here you need to invite a number of great architects to submit their applications.

The architects should include information about their experience, specialized abilities, qualifications, and previous projects. When requesting for the application forms you should ask the architects to avoid including sketches, cost estimates, or any information about the amount of money that they are interested in getting paid.

You should evaluate the submissions


Understanding Architects Role In Designing House Plans

It's the role of an architect to design house plans that will help you in constructing the house of your dreams. Here the architect sits down with you and understands your needs. For example, he understands the type of house you are interested in constructing and the features that you are interested in. If you are unsure of the best design to go with, the architect will guide you in choosing the most current and economical design.

After drafting the plan for you the architect will also help you in taking the plan to the relevant authorities for approval. For example, the professional will take the design to the local government architects to be approved.

Other Roles of An Architect

In addition to the above roles a professional architect has other roles which include:

Administering a building contract: a building contract is a vital document that is legally-binding between you and builder. The architect will ensure that the document has all the right information that will protect you and the contractor. It's required by the law that he should be impartial when presenting the contract.

Monitoring the construction: it's good to note that the day-to-day supervision of the building is done by the contractor. To

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Why You Need A Professional To Design Your House

Are you planning of constructing a house? It's of great importance that you hire an architect to design a house plan for you. When hiring you should ensure that you hire a professional. This is because there are many benefits that come with hiring a professional architect. Some of the benefits include:


From the name, a professional architect is professional and will ensure that all the work is done professionally. For example, he will ensure that the house plan is flawless. A professional is also a problem solver and will professionally solve any problem that you might be having. For example, if you aren't sure of the best design to go for, the professional will guide you in finding the best design.


The professional is your architect in the design and construction process. He will listen to your needs and from the information he will be able to pull together a plan that is not only elegant, but one that also complies with the national standards.

Energy Efficiency

Almost all houses all over the world are currently being constructed to be energy efficient. A professional is trained in site planning, zoning requirements, site characteristics and neighborhood that will fit your home and make it


Advantages Of South Facing House Designs

A south facing home is great as it saves you a lot of money on the electricity bills. This is because the house gathers a lot of heat during the day. The heat is then released during the evening thus ensuring that your house is warm even during the cold months of the year. Since you don't use any electricity to warm the house, you save a lot of money.

Consideration When Designing The House

For the house to look good you need to consider a number of things. For example, you should ensure that the main door is located at the southern direction. When it comes to the kitchen you should ensure that it's constructed in the southeast direction. If impossible to construct it in this direction you should consider constructing it in the northeast direction.

You should construct the master bedroom in the southwest corner. It's also recommended that you construct the over-head tank in this direction.

You should always keep the southwest direction clear. This calls for you to avoid constructing the car porch, septic tank, water sump, or a garden in this direction. Remember that septic tanks are associated with loses; therefore, you should construct it at the negative sides

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Advantages Of Hiring A Residential Architect

There are many benefits that come with hiring a residential architect. Some of the benefits include:

Schematic Design

This is also known as the preliminary design or the initial consultation and design. Here the professional will visit and analyze your construction site in order to gather information that will help him to come up with ideas, budget and the needs of your house. Here the architect will come up with sketches that will show the size, layout, and appearance of your building. The professional will also sit down with you in order to understand your needs.

Design Development

Once the professional has understood your needs and has visited the construction site, he will sit down and design the floor plan, roof design, interior and exterior trims of the house. All these are aimed at giving your house character.

Construction Documents

These are detailed drawings that are aimed at showing that your building is legal and safe. The documents also help the contractor to construct a house that is identical to the plan. The architect will advise you on the documents that you need to have. He/she will also help you in drafting the documents.


For you to find the best and most qualified contractor you need to


Architectural Steps Involved In Designing House Plans

Are you planning of getting a plan for your house? Here are the steps that you should follow to get the plan:

Interview and Initial Discussion

This is where you sit down with your preferred architect and figure out if the professional is right for you. During the interview you should ask the architect to show you the projects that he has handled before. To ensure that you have an easy ride, you should work with a professional with a great personality.

Gathering of Information

If you have settled with an architect and agreed on how to work, the architect will visit your site of construction and survey it. He will then create floor plans and exterior elevations and give you a copy.

The professional will also visit the county or city building department and review the applicable records. The records may include: previous surveys, existing homes, or previous liens on the property. After gathering the information the professional will create a plan that shows what needs to be done and by when.

Designing the House

Now the architect will design your house. When designing the house he will consider your ideas. He also has to consider the building regulations and restrictions in the area.

At this stage


A Building, Structure or Shelter That Is Home

A house remains a house till it becomes a home; so goes a popular saying in reference to the connotations depicted by both words, which in essentiality mean the same.

A house is a structure that forms a dwelling for humans; it becomes a home to its occupants because it provides shelter, comfort, stability and security. A housing structure can range from a simple structure such as a single thatched roof hut to a large many-roomed mansion or the towering apartment complexes we see today dotting the landscapes of many modern cities.

A housing system that involves the social unit of a family or groups of families or individuals can be called a household.

The word 'house' has many connotations.

It is primarily derived from the Old English reference 'hus' meaning dwelling or shelter. In the early Proto-Semitic hieroglyphic times, the letter "B" was used as a symbol to depict a house; in various languages, it was called "bayt", "beth" etc. before becoming "beta" in Greek.

When houses became more than just a dwelling or shelter from the elements, stylization, fashion, architecture, types of material and modern methods of construction began to be used to build houses to meet individual needs of those who wished


How a Guarantor Home Loan Can Help You Enter the Property Market

Struggling to save enough to buy a property? You may want to ask your family if they can provide a helping hand in the form of a family guarantee loan. This is when the equity in a family member's home is used as security on your loan.

Also known as a family pledge or guarantor home loan, it is a type of mortgage that allows you to borrow more money and provide less of a deposit. Usually when a loan is more than 80% of the purchase price (80% LVR) you will have to pay lenders mortgage insurance, but a family guarantee means you won't have this extra expense.

It's even possible to avoid paying any deposit because the equity in your family's home can act as a deposit. This 'guarantee' makes it possible for you to borrow the full 100% cost of the home, plus stamp duty and legal fees. Lenders mortgage insurance will still be payable if you borrow over 80% of a property's value.

There are many issues to consider when taking out family guarantees and it pays to keep in mind that loan terms and conditions can vary between lenders. Not all lenders even offer these type of loans,

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Situations When Hard Money Loans Are Utilized

Owners of commercial properties have capital needs for varied purposes such as purchase and renovations. In a perfect world the owners of the property would seek out conventional lenders such as banks and credit unions since they would most likely offer the lowest cost of money. Sometimes traditional financing is not available to the borrower or perhaps the borrower does not want to tie up personal funds to finance the project at hand.

In today's more complex borrowing world traditional lenders cannot fulfill all of the needs of commercial borrowers. Often these borrowers look to Private Lenders to move their projects along. On the surface one may question why a borrower would be willing to pay much higher interest rates to Private Lenders (Hard Money Lenders) and may instead elect not to pursue their project until traditional financing could be found.

Hard Money Loans are typically short in duration and come with higher interest rates and fees when compared to traditional financing. For borrowers the analysis is about their end goal and the planned realization of profit from the completion of the project. Hard Money Loans play an increasingly important part in the commercial real estate world. Here are some instances where


A Guide To Loans That Are Unconventional, But Are Equally Important

Today, you will find a range of bank loans and finances to choose from. However, there are a couple of loans that are yet to be heard of, but are important and can lend immense value to your overall portfolio. So now is the time to read about such exotic loan types that are not so much popular; but when it comes to significance, their importance is undeniable.

Portfolio loans

Portfolio loans are actually designed to get the loan applications of borrowers approved whenever they fail to complete the eligibility criteria for any other, more normal financing product. Such mortgage loans are largely funded by credit unions, small-sized banks, and other mid-sized commercial mortgage lenders. The reason why this loan type is found in credit unions and local banks is because they are way more home grown than any of the common mega lenders. Further, these lenders want to play a part in writing the growth story of their local economy. Now, let us read up on the factors why such loan types can be considered while you purchase your next residential or commercial real estate.

Why portfolio loans must be included in your investment portfolio?

The key reason why a portfolio loan must

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Borrow or Lend Money Online, Without a Fuss

How the older generation wishes that online desktop facilities were available during the previous decades! Technology has truly opened up a million windows of opportunity besides making work so much simpler. Applying for loans can now be completed within minutes and, once approved, the money is deposited in your bank account immediately. As easy as that. Of course, the uploaded documents should be in order and the lending organisation must be convinced. Otherwise, we often find exploitation and manipulation where loans are concerned. The interest you pay may be as little as 11%.

Become a part of the peer to peer lending/p2p lending online culture for personal or business loans. If your requirements range between Rs.10,000 and Rs. 25 lakhs for a period of 3 months and 10 years, facilities exist. Business loans could extend up to Rs. 60 lakhs. That sounds serious enough, but think hard before you decide. Money matters are tricky and you need to carefully study your circumstances in terms of timely repayment.

The entity like a mediator brings together lenders and borrowers on a common platform. The potential borrower's documents are scrutinised by the lender who makes a decision and provides the money. You need not


Hacking Loan Interest Rates

Tragedy strikes and suddenly you need to help pay the bills for a loved one. Your soon to be pride and joy became triplets and the one bedroom you prepared just isn't big enough. Life can throw some curveballs your way and the last thing you want is another surprise when you show up at the bank. With a little bit of planning you can keep the loan interest rates down and get back to more important matters.

Loan Rate Basics

Let's cover the elephant in the room first. You already know your credit score is the single most important factor in deciding the loan interest rates offered. What you may not know is the lower your score the harder it will be to secure a decent loan and the higher the annual percentage rates will rise. It's important to look in the mirror and know where you stand before you start applying for these loans. Every time you apply for a loan a new mark is added to your credit score and too many of these will make lenders uncomfortable. It's important to go in with a game plan and stick your landing the first time.

Secured Loans

With your credit history in


Comparing All the Top Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rates

Traveling couldn't be more hassling than it is today. With the increase in traffic, and also daily traveling population, people are looking forward to buying new modes of transport to mitigate the loss caused by delay due to traffic clogging and unforeseen transport conditions. Two-wheelers are easier and faster mode of conveyance that can move through traffic easily, due to the petite built, while saving time on travel.

Before purchasing, consumers tend to compare the various two wheeler loan interest rates to understand which options works best. The loan interest rates, as per current updates, stand at 18.25%, 16.50% floating rate. Given the necessities of life, both in cities and villages, it is imperative to have a convenient mode of transport in order to avoid delay in travel for both service and businessmen. Such a purchase is more on the need-basis than extravagance.

Consumers must always confer with a banker and discuss the current rates. Due to the availability of various financing options and multiple loan rates, it is imperative to come to a decision and choose the right option that suits the consumer requirement.

There are various advantages, features, and benefits when one applies for a two wheeler loan.

  • Banks offer up to
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